dark side of human nature

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Based on this tutorial A Slick Supernatural Text Effect.


Keeps me going!!

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design13This is a little design i threw together of a cork board with a few of the things that keep me going, focused and inline. I made the push pins in AI, I used the warp tool on the post-it notes and a drop shadows on just about everything. I vision was a little better then the outcome but overall I think I did very well in achieving my overall idea. Worked with clipping masks to add some texture to the post its. Hope you enjoy.

keeping myself in line

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design12Took me about 37 mins or so to throw together this design. I didn’t follow any tutorial, this all came from my head. There are a few things I want to add but like with most of our cases here at 60MinuteDesigns we don’t quite know how to execute them just yet. It’s not that bad, but it does need some work

yet another

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Africa in October

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design11This design took me the entire hours with downloading brushes and messing with the grass was the killer. This is my rendition of an October calender. Nothing real fancy in this design, mostly brushes and layer styles. Used the pen tool to draw the grass/hill areas, the rays off the sun is the custom shape tool. The font is called Tristan. Enjoy

getting ahead of myself

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