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fatboy slim

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Fruits anyone?

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Created with inspiration from this tutorial.

Abstract Lights

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design15Found this really cool tutorial and well, I just had to do it. Abstrack Lights. Might turn out a lot better given a larger canvas, but here at 60MinuteDesigns we are limited to our work area. I could of made it larger, but when resizing would of become all pixelated. Hope you enjoy

Castle up High

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design14This is a simple photo manipulation. It consists of the sky, the castle and the waterfall. The blend mode for the sky is hard light. I also adjusted the hue/saturation of the castle to blend in more with the waterfall. My favorite tool, the burn tool, was used on the bridge and rock formation under the bridge to tie those two elements in better. Hope you enjoy


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This is a actually two images combined into 1. The first image is of the stary background, and the other id the text effect. I cheated tonight. Today was a very long exhausting day, so I am using an image I created when I very first started messing around in PS.  Thursday I hope to produce something new and exciting but tonight I feel BLAH!!